Freddy Will!

The Sandmann's Journal Vol. 1 talks about the challenges Freddy Will faced at the beginning of his music and literary careers in Toronto, Canada. It gives an insight into his musical influences. He talks about his favorite celebrities, emcees, cars and how his blog came to pass. 

As a Hip Hop artist, Wilfred Kanu Jr. has a few aka, such as Freddy Will | his stage name |, Afrikanblac and Freddy Will Tha Sandmann. In this volume of the Sandmann’s Journal, you will find entries on some of Freddy Will’s preferred celebs, rides, West African cuisines, an introduction to Sierra Leone and the process of releasing his first two albums and books. These entries personify the early stage of his music and writing careers when he established his record, publication and distribution companies in Toronto, Canada | through which he releases his albums and books |. During the period of 2007 to 2012, he was new in Toronto. There were very few places where he could interchange sociable courtesies. He had no choice but to go independent.

Using multiple talents, he became an executive producer, publicist, graphic designer, promoter, author, blogger, philanthropist and music producer rolled in one. To secure his legacy, find a balance between the creative and business side of the industry while adjusting to his new city he promoted his music on social networking sites and published a blog website.