Freddy Will!

Countless artists have the talent to conceive a classic. Whether it's art, music, poetry, or book these artists produce their work. The only quandary is once they have provided their masterpiece, many cannot capitalize on the opportunities that are available to them. 

Ghetto Breed Distribution is bound to the achievement of all our clients. We have the skill, technology, and courage to distribute your product independently in physical and digital formats around the globe in a timely and systematic manner.  

All you do is send us an email to with a detailed message on what you want. We will present you with a "Marketing, Promotion & Distribution Contract." Once negotiated with you and our partners, you will be asked to submit your artwork, copies of the music, film or book and any other information that is connected to the merchandise. You leave the rest to us, and within a short time, your product will be available across the globe.