Freddy Will!



Freddy Will promotes Hip Hop as a Kulture. He writes books, blogs, and raps about religious, cultural and historical situations.

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Freddy Will is a Grammy-nominated Independent Hip Hop artist, author, publisher, and a philanthropist, best known for publishing his books with an accompanying studio album. He started his career in Canada and relocated to Brussels, Belgium. He is also the CEO of Freddy Will Industries also known as FWI.


Born in Brookfield, Freetown, Sierra Leone his parents raised him in Monrovia, until the Liberian civil war. He attended elementary school in Liberia and high school in Sierra Leone. During the Sierra Leone civil war, Freddy Will relocated to the Gambia and then Senegal (as a refugee) and later emigrated to New Jersey, USA. After attending college in the US, he moved to Toronto, Canada.


Being displaced by two wars, Freddy Will moved around quite a bit. The main schools he attended are St. Mary's and St. Christopher's elementary schools in Monrovia and Kakata, Liberia, Christ the King College in Bo, Methodist Boys High School and Ansarul Secondary School in Freetown, Sierra Leone. 


Freddy Will studied "Theater Arts" at Raritan Valley Community College in Raritan, New Jersey, "Accounting," and "Commerce" at Edison Jobs Corp Academy, in Edison, New Jersey, USA.

He also trained in "Phlebotomy" at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and worked at Somerset Medical Center in New Jersey.

Freddy Will also trained in "Primary Paramedic Care" at Trillium College in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.